Policy Statements

澳门新永利EERI has developed a set of Policy Statements that can be used by EERI members to promote and encourage action by policy makers to reduce earthquake risk. Each statement has a succinct 1 page document summarizing EERI’s position, and a companion 3 page white paper with more details and background information.

On December 7, 2018,澳门新永利 the EERI Board of Directors adopted the following policy statement:

Implementing an Effective Earthquake Early Warning System
Download five-page white paper (PDF)

On September 21, 2018,澳门新永利 the EERI Board of Directors adopted the following policy statement:

Promoting the Use of Confined Masonry Construction
Download three-page white paper (PDF)

On June 14, 2016, the EERI Board of Directors adopted the following five policy statements:

Schools shall be URM Free by 2033
Download three-page white paper (PDF)

Mitigation of Nonstructural Hazards in Schools
Download three-page white paper (PDF)

Creating Earthquake Resilient Communities
Download four-page white paper (PDF)

National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program
Download three-page white paper (PDF)

Improve Reliability of Lifeline Infrastructure Systems
Download three-page white paper (PDF)

The policy statements were developed by members of EERI’s Public Policy and Advocacy Committee during a comprehensive year long effort, that included a one-day workshop to consider various policy position statement ideas. The contains numerous resources from the event and describes the process used to review and adopt position statements. The statements do not cover every important topic for EERI, but the topics were selected based jointly on committee member interest and willingness to write them, as well as their success at achieving consensus amongst the committee members.

The Committee plans to develop additional statements in the future to address other important issues related to earthquake risk reduction, and welcomes member suggestions and participation in the process.

Contact eeri@eeri.org with your ideas.